James Holmes

James Holmes massacred at least 12 people in the Batman Cinema Shooting of 20 July 2012. NBC has reported that he was born on 13 December 1987. We have no time or place of birth at the moment but can see some dark themes in his chart, particularly Sun conjunct Saturn and Mars conjunct Pluto. People with Sun conjunct Saturn “often have a difficult childhood as Saturn represents restriction, and as both Sun and Saturn can represent the father…shyness, depression or being too critical of the self and others.”

The social isolation which can result from Sun conjunct Saturn is intensified because both are on the fixed star Ras Alhague. This star in general is associated with “mental depravity” and with the Sun has made him a “suspicious” and “solitary”, and Saturn with this star has increases his unpopularity. Transiting Pluto passed through his Sagittarius stellium from age 14 to 20, more darkness during those critical years for developing social skills.

So with this aspect alone on this fixed star we have a social misfit, a loner, and will will no doubt eventually hear his lawyer say he suffers depression at least or some other mental illness. Darker influence comes from Saturn in the sting of the Scorpio. The fixed star Lesath gives “danger, desperation, immorality and malevolence.” James Holmes has Mars conjunct Pluto which is also malevolent and gives strong desire to control others. It is interesting to note that the chart for the shooting has Mars square Pluto.

Yet another interesting link when comparing the horoscope for James Holmes to that of the Batman Cinema Shooting Horoscope is that James has Venus and Ceres square Jupiter, and in the shooting chart these three are all together. Venus is actually in the same spot as the June 4 lunar eclipse, and directly opposite James’ Mercury. His natal Mercury is on the fixed star Ras Algethi which “corresponds to boldness and a drive to gain power”. This star has much the same influence has his Mars conjunct Pluto.

The Sibly horoscope for the U.S.A. has Ras Algethi rising so it could be said that James Holmes is a personification of the image which the U.S.A. projects to others in this world. Curtis Manwaring commented on this shooting chart on our Facebook Page that “Another attack on gun laws is coming”. I suspect that this shooting will at least spark some public debate on this issue given the conjunction between James’s Mercury and the American Ascendant.

James Holmes Astrology Chart


from:  http://darkstarastrology.com/


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