Colorado: The Mars/Uranus/Pluto Powder Keg

Shortly after midnight on Friday, July 20th, in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, a disturbed young man entered a movie theater and opened fire on a packed audience, killing at least 12 people and wounding 59 others, including a young infant.  The largest mass killing in the United States.  No one can fathom the disturbed mind of someone capable of committing such an atrocity.  With Mars, Uranus and Pluto afflicting his natal Neptune, the planet of insanity and delusion, I suspect that this was a break whose time was just waiting to happen.  When such an incident as this occurs, this is not only the pathology of an individual, but the pathology of society.  Uranus/Pluto is about society’s pathology.  Mars, the ruler of arms and guns and violence, is the catalyst that manifests often violently, where there is instability, either in individuals or in societies.

Inner chart: Shooting in Aurora, Colorado; Outer chart: Natal chart James Holmes (hypothetical time used)
Pluto to Neptune on its own, especially in someone who already has such serious mental illness, can lead to increased delusions and confusion.  Uranus and Pluto can grip an individual with a strong Neptune in a fantasy world, that in some can be merely a harmless trip, but for the paranoid, can be a dangerous hive of disorientation and nightmares.  When Uranus is square Neptune we are often driven by our fantasies, much more than we realize.  This would be even more severe in someone who is ill to begin with.  Mars, besides adding this violent element, also acts as a catalyst.
At the time of the shooting, Holmes’ natal Mars/Pluto conjunction in the sign of Scorpio was being highlighted.  This is an aspect that can and has been associated with criminal acts of violence, especially in those who lack personal control.  An aspect that was being reproduced with the current Mars/Pluto square.
photo by Federico Stevanin: freedigitalphotos

There are many mentally ill, and sociologically disturbed individuals in a society.  However they haven’t in the past been able to gain access to an arsenal of weapons, including military style assault weapons, with the sole purpose of killing large numbers of human beings.  Uranus/Pluto cycles bring to light circumstances in society that are no longer tenable, and can no longer be tolerated.  Every one of his weapons were bought legally.  The assault weapons ban that previously existed in the United States expired in 2004, and since then it has been up to individual states to decide whether it was legal to sell them or not.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City immediately addressed the gun issue, as he has numerous times in the past:

“Maybe it’s time that the two people who want to be President of the United States stand up and tell us what they are going to do about it, because this is obviously a problem across the country.”

The Republicans pander to the National Rifle Association, and the Democrats run with their tails between their legs, afraid of this huge lobby.  Meanwhile 31,000 people in the United States die from firearms every year in the US.  That’s 15 times higher than any other industrialized nation in the world.  In 2001, the NRA replaced the American Association of Retired Persons as Washington’s most powerful lobbying group. As a result the United States has some of the most lax gun laws in the world.  Their argument is that criminals, not guns create violence, and present themselves as the patriotic advocates of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution which archaically preserves the right of people to bear arms.  However this Amendment does not cover the right to bear semi-automatic assault weapons, that allows someone to shoot 71 people in a matter of minutes.  And what about the citizens rights to not get shot?

During Uranus/Pluto cycles, every time Mars joins the picture, the potential for great violence is imminent.  The combination is explosive. From the escalation of violence in Syria over the past week, to the bombing of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria… it is also a powder keg for atrocities on a large scale.   In the Summer of 2011 when Mars was in Cancer square Uranus opposite Pluto, we witnessed the riots in London.  As I wrote last year in“Uranus/Pluto the Underbelly Revealed”, if a problem is revealed, you can try to ignore it in hopes that it will just go way.  But ignoring a problem will only allow it to grow, and become that much more difficult to fix later on.  If change does occur, the catalyst for change usually comes through a series of events that let us know that there is a serious problem.  Upheavals do occur, but also a lot of good reforms can and do take place during Uranus/Pluto cycles, allowing the potential to change in a positive way to transpire.


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