James “the Joker” Holmes
Born: 12/13/87
From the outside James Holmes seemed like an easygoing “nice” guy. He was born with 3 planets in the funloving sign of Sagittarius, which is the sign ruled by Jupiter (the joker), but the negative side of Sagg is that they don’t know when to quit, and have a tendency to take things too far.  So on July 20, 2012 around 12:30am James opened fire on innocent movie goers at a local theater in Colorado, killing 12 and wounding 58.  He reportedly told police that he was the joker, and had dyed his hair red, like the character in the Bat Man series.  So how did this easygoing man commit such a heinous crime seemingly without any emotion?  How could he stand there and gun down children, mothers, fathers who were just trying to see a movie?
One of the 3 planets in Sagg, is Saturn, planet of discipline and it’s right next to his Sun.  Sun/Saturn people are usually self disciplined, and usually have problems with their fathers.  There seems to be a trait that Sun/Saturn people exhibit and that’s the need to prove to their fathers that they are worthy.  Either the father was absent, or if present, was a strict disciplinarian.  Sun/Saturn people yearn to be recognized for their accomplishments, are very ambitious, and usually emotionally cold.  What we’ve learned from reports given on the news is that James was a high achiever on the academic level, was going for his PHD in neuro-science and was a honor student in highschool, and received merit scholarships for his undergraduate studies.  He was a loner with few friends.
James has the Moon in Virgo, the sign of the perfectionist or critic.  When his mother was reached she said “that sounds like my son”…She hasn’t given any more interviews, but gave an apologetic statement for her son’s victims and asked for privacy.  The Moon in Virgo is squaring the Sun/Mercury/Saturn in Sagittarius in the astrological chart of James Holmes.  Virgo and Sagittarius are very different. Sagg is outgoing, friendly, generous, while Virgo is concerned about duty, cleanliness, sometimes stingy, but very frugal.  These two signs are not compatible, Virgo is Mutable Earth and Sagittarius is Mutable Fire.  With the square between the Sun and Moon there is a tendency to be conflicted, i.e. on the outside happy go lucky, on the inside overly critical or cynical.  It looks as if James and his mother were at odds with one another, with her being overly critical of him and with him trying to prove he was worthy.  What he did was not only an affront to all the people he hurt, but it was also like thumbing his nose at his mother “I’ll show you!”  Also the South Node is in Virgo, meaning that his mother connection could have come from past lifetimes.  This could have been the reason why James gravitated to the sciences, but it further increased a cynical attitude towards life where his left brain was stronger than his right brain.  With the North Node in Pisces, he found a way to fantacize and probably had an unspoken desire to act, or become a musician.  Yet, going the traditional way of the sciences was strongly encouraged by his Mother because it was a guaranteed way for him to support himself while gaining huge respect.
Mars the planet of outgoing energy is very close to Pluto, the planet of transformation or degeneration in Scorpio, the sign that says “I Desire”.  This shows an interest in occult, and a tendency to hold on to grudges, plus an early fascination with death, that reared it’s ugly head when James methodically planned to kill people indiscriminately.  With all the bedlam going on in the theater as he moved up and down the aisles wounding and killing people, when he ran out of ammunition he calmly walked out of the theater, leaving a blood bath behind.  Mars/Pluto people suffer from obsessions and it was clear that this man was obsessed with the Bat Man movies and may have thought he was really “The Joker”.
There are so many indications of coldness in this chart, and Venus planet of love is yet another one. Venus is Capricorn indicates that James didn’t receive much lap time when he was a child. He got what he needed on the material level but on the emotional level with Venus in cold Capricorn, and the Moon in critical Virgo, he had to get attention with his intellect, his accomplishments in school.  He stayed at the top because of his need to be recognized and loved.
 James must have been planning this massacre for months, as transiting Mars in Virgo was squaring his 3 planets in Sagittarius, and the Martian energy was building up in him.  He may have gotten tired of having to depend on his mother for money, was unable to support himself and from all appearances his world was falling apart.  With Mars/Pluto in Scorpio he was seething deep inside as he just couldn’t get past the deep resentment he had built up since childhood.  He also was feeling lonely, with transiting Saturn squaring his Venus in Capricorn.  With transiting Uranus also squaring his Venus, either he recently received a rejection from someone he loved or he felt frustrated because he couldn’t attract the one he loved.  Mars/Pluto in his chart, shows he has a strong need for sex and probably has not been able to tell the difference between sex and love.  Transiting Pluto was connecting to his Neptune in Capricorn, and he finally decided to live out his fantasies, being a “strong” guy, making many fear him and for once getting the attention that he has craved all his life.  Incidentally, we wonder if James saw the trailer for a movie about gansters that was playing in theaters…there’s a scene in that movie of a gangster entering a movie theater and spraying the audience with bullets.  Warner Brothers has pulled the trailer from the internet and in theaters.  Probably his defence will be insanity, as he’s lawyered up (thanks to his mother), and even though they have a love/hate relationship mommy wants to save her little genius, regardless of what he did.  But for sure the media will be all up in his business and dragging this story out for months…until the next demented soul or copy cat comes forward to get our attention.  My heart goes out to the families of the victims, now the ball is in their court to help influence the politicians to do something about gun control.  The Moon on Friday, June 20th, was in Leo, the sign of drama, and it was close to retrograde Mercury in Leo…this news story went far and wide and serves as a wake up call for all of us.  While this country is poised for an attack from “foreigners” we need to be on alert for our neighbors or lone wolf perpetrators of violence.  Keep the Light around you and follow your intuition before going out or being in a crowd.
from:  http://ayeshagrice.blogspot.com/2012/07/james-joker-holmes.html

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